“You showed up at pivotal moments on my journey with the tools and advice I needed, which is no small thing. I start my new job on Monday!” -Elyse D., Sales Development Representative, NY 2021

Hybrid Career Transformation System

Having changed careers many times myself and worked with thousands in your shoes, I get you. Whether you’re leaving a toxic environment, you’ve been laid off, or you’re just feeling uninspired, my hybrid system will help you identify your next career steps and land a great job.

Hey, if it works, it works!

Many courses stuff you in a boat with an oar and ship you out to sea. Not mine! My boat is a luxury yacht, and we’re enjoying the waves together. 

In other words, You Are Never Alone. I’m always just a text away.

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My Career Transformation System includes 26 self-paced lessons to help you find your path, strategize your search, and nail job interviews.

Once you find your path, I’ll personally write you a kickass resume and LinkedIn profile. This includes a free 30-minute consulting call.

While I’m writing your resume, you’ll be strategizing your search and learning how to nail job interviews. 

Soon thereafter (and if you do the lessons, it will be soon!), I’ll meet with you for a 30-minute mock interview to prepare you for an upcoming interview!

Throughout the entire experience, you can text me as questions arise. 🙂

With this system, you will:

This course is ideal if:

Imagine a life where you know what you want and how to get it.

Where you create your passion and rally others around it.

Where you have the financial and emotional freedom to do what you want.

That life can be yours!

“Kyla’s expert advice is very comprehensive and practical. Her feedback has given me an orientation to help focus my intentions and be clear to recruiters. As a result, I am more confident and prepared in my job search and future prospects. I’m very grateful for her professional input!”

Kevin F., Content Marketing Specialist, 2021


These self-paced, video-based lessons were updated in 2021! They includes best practices by today’s career thought leaders and concrete activities to move you toward a fulfilling, purposeful career. Take them one by one, or get them as a package with added one-on-one guidance, including a Professionally Written Resume and LinkedIn, an Advising Session, a Mock Interview, and Unlimited Text Support!

Find Your Path

If you didn’t know where to begin your career change, you’ve just found it! During this course, you’ll assess your strengths and how other see you, articulate what you’d like your future to look like, and discover where your skills and interests intersect to point your compass toward a great new career. You’ll also define important workplace values to help you select organizations that provide a solid culture fit. No fluff here – just tangible activities to clarify your next career steps!

Strategize Your Job Search

If you’re only using job boards, you’re among 90% of job-seekers fighting for about 20% of available jobs! This course will help you set yourself apart from the herd by skillfully selecting and utilizing job boards, accessing the “hidden” job market, organizing your job-search efforts, and launching a highly effective job search

Nail Job Interviews

You’ve figured our your resume and job search, but now you face the final hurdle: talking with interviewers. This course will minimize your risk of making avoidable mistakes by teaching you the right interviewing mindset, preparation, and practice. You’ll learn how to answer any question using the STAR method, how to leave a positive impression through the questions you ask, and how to negotiate a great salary.

Personal Branding 101

This course is an alternative to Find Your Path if you know where you want to go but you’d like to boost how you’re perceived to gain respect and recognition. After finding balance in you’re life, you’ll assess your strengths and how other people see you. You’ll develop a brand statement for your resume, LinkedIn, and job interviews. You’ll clarify how to present yourself to get what you want and learn to surround yourself with people and activities that support your success.

Full Career Transformation System

Go from lost to loving your career with this step-by-step system, including:

  • 26 self-paced, video-based lessons with CONCRETE activities to help you find your path, nail job interviews, and strategize your search.
  • After completing the 11 Find Your Path lessons, I’ll write an awesome resume and LinkedIn profile for you.
  • When you get your first draft, we’ll hop on a 30-minute call to address any questions or concerns about what you’ve learned.
  • You’ll optimize your job search (4 lessons) and learn how to job interviews (6 lessons).
  • As soon as you get your first interview, we’ll meet for a 30-minute mock job interview to tighten up your answers.
  • Throughout the entire program, you’ll have a direct link to me via text for when questions or concerns arise.

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