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“The value I have found is Kyla’s way of portraying one’s accomplishments on paper, similar to how a movie director can portray any given character in multiple lights.” – Michael M., Technical Field Operations, 2021

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Is writing your resume making you crazy?

Let’s face it: resume writing is annoying if it’s not your job. Stop suffering and contact me today for a free assessment and professional resume writing help.

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Do you wish your LinkedIn profile:

Start dedicating your time and thought power to something more interesting today and hire me to write your LinkedIn! Not a professional photographer? Ask me about my cover photo design and virtual profile portrait service!

The proof is in the writing, yes? While am not at liberty to share my clients’ documents, I invite you to check out my RESUME and LINKEDIN for examples, read customer reviews, and check out their profiles.

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Want to get ahead of other candidates?

I’ll create an easily editable written cover letter and a 90-second video cover letter that draws in recruiters and presents you as a top achiever.

Success Stories

“I love what you’ve put together for my resume and cover letter. I feel so understood! This is amazing work. Everything reads so well and my work is reflected. Thanks for all of your help and due diligence.”

Katie L.

Enterprise Account Executive, 2021
“I am very impressed with the LinkedIn changes and have reviewed them in detail. I have no questions. You did a great job for me and I look forward to employment soon. Thank you for the amount of time you provided on my resume and cover letter as well. Impressive. Keep up the great job. This experience was excellent for me and I will recommend it to others as well.”

Jane O.

Project Manager, 2020


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