About Me

Having Taken Some Flying Leaps…

My Commitment

“Go for it!” is a family motto that I carry with me every day and project to my clients. Through a collaborative approach, I help you find and forge your own path, present your best self in person and on paper, and discover the power within you to surmount any obstacle in your way.
I am committed to changing your life by helping you see yourself differently and express your value succinctly to others. I am your relentless advocate and career development expert who will jump to your assistance when you need me and stand by your side as your career grows and shifts.

Kyla Duffy

Resume Writer & Career Coach

Throughout my life, my family encouraged me to achieve my dreams and professional goals. Today, I pay their kindness and support forward by doing the same for others.

My experience overcoming challenges and taking risks – like becoming a flying trapeze artist at the ripe “young” age of 32 – fuels my drive to help others achieve incredible goals. (For that particular pursuit, I quit teaching at the University of Colorado Boulder to join a flying trapeze troupe in Japan!)

In a nutshell, I “get” career change, understand what you’re going through, and am eager to assist. Through perseverance, tenacity, and hard work since 2015, I’ve mastered the art of resume writing, LinkedIn profile development, and job interview coaching. As a member of Career Thought Leaders, I remain up-to-date on the most current trends in recruiting and talent acquisition.

A note on my refrigerator that says, “I’m going to change someone’s life today,” is my North Star and guiding light. Each day, I strive to generate “A-ha!” moments and “I got the job!” emails.


A solid foundation rooted in academic study, hands-on experience, and repeated success.

Professional Development

Career Transition Coach Certification: Thanks to my Career Thought Leaders certification, I’ve got all the tools and resources to guide individuals through successful career transitions and achieve their career goals.

ICF / NCDA / GCDF Training: These world-renowned organizations set the standard for career coaching, life coaching, and career advising – they’re the best of the best! My extensive training focused on career advising methodologies, active listening, and coaching for success.

2023 Career Thought Leaders Symposium: This year’s symposium was all about artificial intelligence and its impacts, benefits, and challenges for career seekers and human resources professionals. Not only was I inspired by new ways of thinking about resume design, but I have since pursued extensive education in AI prompt engineering.

Entrepreneurship Certificate: Thanks to CU Boulder’s Entrepreneurship Certificate, I’ve got the knowledge and skills to guide entrepreneurial individuals on reintegrating into the workforce.


Master’s Degree in Human Resources: My professional degree in organizational leadership with an emphasis in adult education has given me the insights I need to d help individuals develop within the corporate jungle.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing: As the runner-up for the prestigious Sterling Rice “Marketing Student of the Year” award, I’ve been recognized for my understanding of branding. This knowledge is vital in helping individuals position themselves for success through personal branding.

Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Translation: Who knew that learning Spanish would improve my English so much? 😊

Study Abroad in Sevilla & Alicante: Studying abroad sharpened my language skills and helped me become more culturally aware. Now, I’m a world traveler with a second home in Mexico and a passion for championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).


Athletics: From pro snowboarder at 15 to flying trapeze artist in a Japanese circus at 32, I’ve had a pretty wild ride in the athletic world, and I’m always ready for the next adventure.

Entrepreneurship: I founded and propelled a snack food company into 200 stores in 20 states. Then, I raised $70k for dog and cat rescue organizations by publishing anthologies and performing an eclectic theater production encouraging adoption – because, why not?

Professional Work: As National Sales Manager, I raised an athletic equipment provider’s revenue from $1.5M to $3.5M. I also sold children’s technology education franchises worldwide and taught sales management at the University of Colorado.

Career Coaching: I began moonlighting as a resume writer for the largest resume-writing service in the world in 2015 and climbed the ranks to QA editor and job interview coach by 2018. After extensive professional development in career coaching and writing, I spread my wings and went solo in 2020. Since then, I’ve helped over 4,000 people secure great jobs and created more than $15 million in incremental wealth.