About Me

My passion is to use my knowledge and rexperience to help you see yourself differently and get what you want.

My Heritage

My family always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. They also instilled in me a commitment to education. Because of this, I achieved numerous athletic and academic goals that have afforded me a life less ordinary, including many unique opportunities to live abroad and work in diverse sectors.

I possess bachelor’s and master’s degrees in marketing and organizational leadership. In addition to being trained by the largest resume-writing company in the world and continuously pursuing knowledge from career development thought leaders, I am skilled in International Coaching Federation and National CAREER Development Association methodologies.

My Challenge

I’m no stranger to fear, challenge, and disillusionment, but I also have a clear view of what’s on the other side. This is a strong component of the empathy and inspiration I offer my clients. At age 34, I made a decision that changed my life completely; I left a steady job as a university instructor in Colorado to join a flying trapeze troupe in Japan. I knew this involved endless obstacles, but the idea of success empowered me.
Through perseverance, tenacity, and hard work – along with the help of some great coaches – I transcended the months of pain, suffering, and disappointment to gain respect, confidence, and a level of mastery normally reserved for people much younger.

My Passion

Not everyone wants to join a flying trapeze troupe, but many of us harbor hidden desires we’ve yet to uncover or we’re afraid to speak out loud, let alone pursue. What is the difference between realizing a life aligned with your values and suffering stagnation? Sometimes, it’s just a shove in the right direction.
My passion is to help you develop a compass and tools, which will boost your confidence and allow that push to come from within. Reducing the stress of job hunting for my clients gives my life meaning.

Nothing beats the joy of experiencing an “A-ha!” moment during a coaching session or receiving an, “I got the job!” email after refining someone’s resume, LinkedIn profile, and job-interviewing SKILLS.

My Commitment

“Go for it!” is a family motto that I carry with me every day and project to my clients. Through a collaborative approach, I help you find and forge your own path, present your best self in person and on paper, and discover the power within you to surmount any obstacle in your way.
I am committed to changing your life by helping you see yourself differently and express your value succinctly to others. I am your relentless advocate and career development expert who will jump to your assistance when you need me and stand by your side as your career grows and shifts.


I’ll send you powerful tips to maximize your job-hunting success, and we can schedule a free call to explore how I can help you.
Please fill out the form below (preferred), write me at coaching (at) kyladuffy.com, or text me at 303-264-4965.