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Do you need advice on how to dress to impress for a virtual job interview? Read now!

Though it can be seen as a small detail, especially in the age of virtual interviews, what you choose to wear for a job interview plays a big part in how the interviewers feel about you. During these difficult times, virtual job interviews may be the new norm, but what you wear remains just as important as during in-person interviews. One of the most common questions I receive during job interview coaching sessions is, “What should I wear?” Here are some of my top tips on how to dress for the big day:

  • Plan ahead. Prepare your outfit well in advance. Not a day before, and surely not the night before.

  • Look up people who might be on your team on LinkedIn and notice how they dress. Allow this to help guide your decisions.

  • Dress one or two steps above what you think the company culture calls for. 

  • Put some pants on. No, they probably won’t be seen, but completely dressing the part to remind yourself that this is a real interview will help you present yourself more professionally.

  • Choose your colors carefully. A study by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder identified black and blue as preferred colors to demonstrate professionalism and orange as the worst color for a Zoom interview.

  • Wash and iron your clothes in advance to ensure they are wrinkle-free.

  • Remember the most essential accessory: CONFIDENCE! Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and boosts your confidence. The interviewer will notice!

These tips and tricks will help you choose the perfect outfit for any job interview, whether it’s virtual or face-to-face. Now, go for it!


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