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  • You’ve scoured the internet for resume templates, and the infographic-style ones with photos captivated you.I’m with you. Eye-catching!And, if you live in the Middle East (except for Israel), China, certain parts of the EU, Greece, or Argentina, a photo template works great.However, in the United States and most other countries excluded from the aforementioned list, photos […]
  • I’m not a researcher or an academic, so my little pea brain screams and my body shakes when I’m handed a resume with densely packed content. “You want me…to read this? The whole thing? Moi? I’ll pass.”I think my sentiment here represents the majority of recruiters who are inundated with resumes from people who are so […]
  • Have you ever been charged with reviewing a pile of monotonous paperwork?While buried deep underneath your stack, did you experience a moment of realization that you couldn’t recall what you had been reading — for who knows how long?Zoning out happens to everyone — including recruiters.Recruiters and hiring managers continually navigate a droning flow of resumes across their desks.Remaining focused and […]
  • Not customizing your LinkedIn URL is like going to work with bed head.Sure, bed head is fine when you’re working from home and have no Zoom calls. But your LinkedIn profile is like a perpetual Zoom call, and you need it to look good!What’s a URL?In simple terms, it’s the address that appears in your browser bar.Why should I […]
  • Mark, an iOS software developer, saw many friends getting laid off and thought that fortifying his LinkedIn presence might be a good idea — just in case.He didn’t have a ton of time, so to hold himself accountable, Mark created a 10-minutes-per-day LinkedIn schedule on his calendar:· Monday — Engage with feed· Tuesday — Post an article· Wednesday — Answer questions in groups· Thursday — Engage with feed & […]
  • In a constantly evolving job market, professionals must be prepared to adapt and explore new opportunities.Whether you’re considering a career change or simply keeping your options open, updating your LinkedIn profile is a crucial step in your job search journey.If you’re currently employed but launching a job search, you might be wondering, “Can I update my […]
  • AI-generated image of a robot review a “rumom,” or, rather, a resume. ;)It is crucial to align your resume with the job description when applying for a position.A well-crafted resume that speaks directly to the job requirements can make all the difference in being sorted into the “worth an interview” pile by the applicant tracking system […]
  • Photo by krakenimages on UnsplashIn today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business world, the role of a director is more important than ever.Directors are responsible for setting the strategic direction of an organization, ensuring that it operates efficiently and effectively, and making critical decisions that impact the long-term success of the business.The path to becoming a director is […]
  • Samantha was frustrated with her job search. She had applied for dozens of positions but had yet to receive a single interview.When I asked if she had been tailoring her resume for each job description, she looked at me with a blank stare.The answer was obviously, “No.”I took a minute to explain how tailoring the resume […]
  • Because your LinkedIn profile is often the first impression you make on recruiters and potential employers, it’s essential to make it count. A cover image is one way to stand out and make a strong visual impact.Photo by Souvik Banerjee on UnsplashWhat is a LinkedIn Cover Image?A LinkedIn cover image is a banner at the top of your […]



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