How to Attract Recruiters with an Authentic LinkedIn About Section

Although LinkedIn is primarily career-focused, it’s still a social network, making it a great place to show recruiters your skill, motivation, and culture fit in an authentic, personable manner. The About section provides you with a 2,000-character space to deliver your personal brand narrative. It is a prominent and vital section of your LinkedIn which appears just below your headline.

Instead of letting writing your LinkedIn About section overwhelm you, try following these easy steps. They will help you create an engaging story that builds trust by highlighting what you bring to the table and proving you’ve used your strengths to deliver results.

  1. Take the free VIA Character Strengths Survey.

15M+ individuals have utilized this survey to clarify their character strengths and learn how to leverage them. It won’t take more than 15 – 20 minutes to finish. Immediately upon completion, you’ll be sent a character strengths report to use for the next step.

  • Select the top four results that would be most coveted for roles that interest you, and write a comprehensive summary of how each applies to your workplace behavior.

Some questions you might answer:

  • How do you leverage each strength?
  • How does it permeate your work?
  • How does it impact your colleagues and your workplace as a whole?


I am a strategic thinker who values good judgment and uses these strengths to naturally identify patterns and think critically about the world. This allows me to consider many possible outcomes when arriving at a decision and identifying potential challenges. This strength contributes to organized ideas and deliberate decisions in my work. 

Communication is one of my strengths that is evidenced through speaking and writing. I use this strength to provide honest information to others in ways that are clear and accurate. I strive to create an atmosphere that is engaging and fosters dialogue when working with others. 

Empathy for others enhances my intuitive ability to understand what people are feeling. I believe it is crucial to understand different perspectives and observe and anticipate the questions and concerns of others. I often “read between the lines” of someone’s words and can provide insight and clarity to a situation.

I instinctively see people as individuals and appreciate what makes each person unique, rather than focusing on generalities or roles. I strive to make accurate assessments of people which allows me to connect well with others and provide meaningful information.

  • Reorganize and refine your strengths bullets into an engaging story.

Take those four strengths stories and meld them into concise paragraphs that flow together, painting a picture of what an employer, a team, and customers can expect from you. Integrate SPECIFIC work examples with quantifiable achievements if possible. Include a call to action for recruiters at the end of your story to give them a nudge.

You’re welcome to utilize the format below if it helps you organize your thoughts. (Introduction -> Work Highlights -> How and Where You Want to Add Value Moving Forward)


As a strategist with good judgment and critical thinking skills, I have a knack for identifying risks and opportunities, streamlining processes, and taking decisive action to drive organizational growth. I am committed to open dialogue and excel at written / verbal communication, which has allowed me to become a sought-after manager in my organization due to my ability to provide honest, clear, and accurate feedback to my team. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve delivered the lowest employee attrition rate out of all the managers in my company for three consecutive years!

Some other highlights from my work history that demonstrate the value I bring to the table include:

►Turned around failing project for largest customer by traveling onsite to meet face-to-face, demonstrating empathy and intuition in addressing most pressing needs, and developing a better solution that was more feasible for our team and aligned with the customer’s actual needs. (Recaptured $10M revenue with new five-year contract.)

►Supported four team members from diverse backgrounds in growing their skills and earning additional leadership responsibilities, culminating in promotions to manager-level roles.

►Handpicked to lead steering committee focused on elevating employee engagement; successfully increased employee engagement scores by 15% by circulating surveys, genuinely considering feedback, and influencing executive-level decisions to implement groundbreaking changes in benefits structure.

Now, I’m excited to challenge myself in a new environment where I can leverage my strengths to accelerate employee and customer satisfaction. If your organization is seeking an accomplished project leader who can nurture productive relationships with internal and external teams, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and see if there’s a fit. 

4) Share the job descriptions and your story with trusted colleagues and ask if they feel your words would resonate with hiring managers. Review and revise as needed until you’re comfortable with what you’ve crafted, and then implement it in your LinkedIn About section.

BONUS: You can also use your strengths story for your resume summary! You just need to distill it into its core parts and then paste it into your resume just below your header and title.


Intuitive strategist offering good judgment and critical thinking abilities to identify risks and devise innovative, actionable solutions. Honed written and verbal communication skills leveraged to honestly and clearly share ideas while championing an engaging, collaborative environment. Empathetic and intuitive ability to understand different perspectives, anticipate questions and concerns, and derive meaningful insights. Solid understanding of the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion; proactive in finding solutions, forging relationships, and building community.


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