Fresh Toppings for Your Resume

As a resume writer, my job is to help you appeal to hiring managers (humans) while also appeasing applicant tracking systems (ATS – robots). The good news is that if you do a bang-up job with one, you’re probably ok with the other. And, it’s not that hard: you simply need to give them exactly what they ask for in the job description. No more, no less.

Let’s think of this in terms of pizza. Imagine you have a hankering for a pineapple and chicken pizza (just go pineapple if you’re vegetarian). There are three stores on your block, each offering one kind of pizza. Anthony’s has plain, Johnny’s has pineapple and chicken, and Mario’s has pineapple, chicken, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (an innovator!). Which are you going to buy?

This example illustrates why it is critical to PRECISELY tailor your resume to the job description rather than submit a standard resume to everyone or even submit a resume that talks about what they need and also about everything else you can do. It’s just much.

I believe my most important job as your writer is to help you understand this fundamental concept. As we move through the writing process, I’ll ask you to send me the description of the job you’d most like to have. I’ll question you to gather information about how your experience relates to that role. And, I’ll write you a pineapple and chicken pizza.

The experience doesn’t stop there, though, because, as you know, not everyone wants pineapple and chicken on their pizza, and unlike Anthony, Johnny, and Mario, you have more than one pizza to give. Therefore, when I’m through with what I call your “root resume,” I’ll teach you how to strip off those toppings and add some new ones. You’ll see that the crust, sauce, and cheese will endure, and changing the toppings is simple!


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