Giving Back with Free Resumes for Women

Aside from being an opportunity to chow down on a delicious meal with friends, Thanksgiving is the perfect annual reminder to consider the things we’re grateful for and give back if we’re able. This year, even though I’m unable to experience the holiday with family due to the complications of distance and the pandemic, I’m grateful for this opportunity to reflect on reasons for gratitude.


First, it’s important to remember why the holiday began: to celebrate the courageous Pilgrims and Puritans who said, “This is enough,” and hopped on boats to an unknown land to escape religious persecution. For the foundation of freedoms they set for us, I am grateful.

Family & Friends

Next, I’d like to give thanks for my husband, parents, sister, extended family, and friends, who have always stood by me, enabled me to become my personal best, and encouraged me to do so in the service of others. (Let’s not leave out my gratitude for Carol, our pug, and Nevada, our foster pittie, for making me get up out of my chair periodically and keeping me forever entertained.)


Finally, I’m giving thanks this year for my clients, who have put their trust in me to apply my knowledge and passion in support of their job searches. (Special shout-out to Monica and Maria – without you, I wouldn’t be here!) The idea that I have the chance to change someone’s life each day through my work propels me out of bed in the morning and gives me great purpose.

Today, to give back, I’m editing three resumes for free.

In addition to closing in on Thanksgiving, November 25th is End Domestic Violence Against Women Day. In support of this important cause, I had a raffle last week to give free resumes away to women who have faced adversity and are looking for new work. The response was tremendous, and by using a random number generator, I selected three. Completing these documents is my mission for the day.

Men, don’t worry! I’ll select a male-centric holiday later in the year and do another raffle for free resumes. 🙂

What are you grateful for? How will you be giving back this year?

Tell me about it in the comments section below.


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