The Power of Perspective – How to Pull Yourself out of a Negativity Tailspin using “The Work”

Yesterday was a bad day.

  • My computer broke in the middle of an order and caused a productivity nightmare.
  • The pet store hassled me about a return. They really don’t care about their customers.
  • A guy almost hit me head-on by going the wrong way around a round-about. What a jerk!
  • When I got into the checkout line at the grocery store, I realized I didn’t have my credit card and had to put two-thirds of my items back. I can’t believe my husband forgot to give me my card back!
  • To top it all off, my ulcers began acting up just before bed, resulting in a lot of pain and very little sleep. What a crappy day!

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day.

  • When my computer broke, my husband and two friends hopped into action to help. Within hours, we figured out the problem and had a solution. We even had a temporary fix with my husband’s power cable to limp me through the next few days until my new power cable comes. While I had initially assumed I was done for the day after producing one resume, because of everyone’s quick reactions, I was able to create four resumes, conduct two interview practice sessions, and attend my coaching class. Additionally, the extra time it was taking my computer to charge with my husband’s cable allowed me to get out for a nice walk with my neighbor.
  • Even though the pet store hassled me about a return, I was able to negotiate a refund of both my payment and coupons using my Spanish-language skills (it was in Mexico) and refusal to take “no” for an answer.
  • A guy tried to pass through a round-about I was driving through the wrong way, but at the last second, he realized his mistake and veered into the correct lane. Crisis averted!
  • I found a few gifts at the grocery store I want to buy, and since it’s only five minutes away, it won’t be a big deal to go back today with my credit card and finish my shopping. Plus, I was able to get the bottle of wine I “needed” last night. 😉 I should have checked my wallet before leaving the house. I probably would have made the same mistake as my husband and not put it back if I had borrowed his card.
  • Because I know my body and have experienced ulcers before, I could minimize my suffering, and I’m already feeling much better.

What a difference a perspective makes, right?

By turning around my mindset from yesterday being a bad day to not being a bad day, I was able to sort through my feelings through a lens of gratitude. Additionally, I stopped arguing with the reality that even though yesterday went a little sideways, I kind of kicked ass at overcoming all its challenges! This “turnaround” is a small slice of “The Work” of Byron Katie, and I have come to be a believer.

Byron Katie

How I Met “The Work”

My parents are blessed with the loveliest person on the planet as their neighbor. Her name is Kathleen Sepeda, and she is a grief coach (among many other wonderful things). I got to know her and “The Work” when she helped me through a period of great change and distress in 2019. I had lost my best friend of nine years, a “human in a dog suit” named Bill, and was simultaneously embroiled in a misunderstanding with my family that threatened to tear our close-knit relationship apart. Kathleen, and her skillful maneuvering of “The Work,” got me through it.

Kathleen Sepeda

Why “The Work” Might Work for You Right Now

I’m sharing this with you today because we’re smack in the middle of that stressful holiday season, where emotions are amplified and anxiety is very real. If you are experiencing negative thoughts about anything (life, career, family, finances, etc.), I encourage you to just take this simple step to look at each statement you’re telling yourself from an opposite perspective and explore how it may be true, just as I did here. If you’d like to dig deeper into “The Work,” Byron Katie’s website is a robust, free resource that can help you start changing your life today, one thought at a time.

Try it now!

Just take one thought and consider the opposite of it. Is it true? What comes up? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments section.


Byron Katie’s Website

An example of Byron Katie taking a client through “The Work”

Contact Kathleen for help: Website | | 303-506-8929 (call or text)

The Way Of It: Inner Work Coach, LLC | Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie | Certified End of Life & Grief Coach


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